Yearning for Worth : A Christmas Eve Reflection

I’ve read that “criminals” and “thugs” like Mike Brown deserve to die.

I’ve heard it said that “slutty” women who dress provocatively deserve to be raped.

I’ve seen tirades that explain why gay people are “sinners” who deserve to burn in hell for eternity.

Today, on the eve of restoration and re-creation, I yearn for worth. I yearn for humanization. I am sick and tired of witnessing humans dehumanize other humans and strip away their sacred worth. It’s devastating to me. It literally makes me ill.

Today I want to make one thing incredibly clear, you don’t, nor does anyone else on this planet, have the right to strip away the sacred worth of another human. You don’t get to claim that somebody else should die. Do you realize what you are saying? That person you are talking about, that HUMAN, is a mother, a brother, a father, a sister, a daughter or a son, a neighbor, a co-worker, a student, a dreamer–a human who has hopes and fears and can laugh and can cry. That individual has the same blood pumping in her or his veins that runs through your own body. Take a breath and realize that we all breathe together, yet you want to steal the breath away from another. I ache for that.

How dare you believe that your life is more sacred than another!

If perceived “criminals” deserve to die, or perceived “impure females” deserve to be raped, or perceived “sinners” deserve to burn in fiery pits, well, then we’re ALL shit-out-of-luck. When humans decide the worth of other humans, the prognosis for humanity is bleak.

The prognosis is war and murder and systemic oppression and wailing.

So, today, on the eve of re-humanization, I want to lift up the worth of each and every child of God. I lift up the worth of black men and police officers. I lift up the worth of lesbians and Jihadists. I lift up the worth right-wing Baptist preachers and prostitutes.

Breathe, all you children. May you breathe deeply and may you have the opportunity to live full lives within God’s dream of restoration and peace.

Let it be so.

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