A BIG Announcement!!!

Today is the day for an EXCITING announcement!

So far, we’ve had a wonderful experience as a house church community, journeying together in an attempt to figure out how to radically follow Jesus as individuals and as a community. Just as every person’s story shifts and flows and changes, our has as well. As a community, we feel God moving us toward some exciting new dreams that we hope to embark together.

Wanna hear about these exciting new dreams?

We have a new name that we think is very fitting for our community…. Embark Staunton! As a community, Embark will continue to chase after God’s dream here in Staunton. Instead of meeting weekly in a house, we will meet twice a month at the Groovecat Comedy Studio downtown for worship and discussion. We will also begin to have Dream Parties, monthly gatherings that will allow us to dream about what can be in Staunton and will move us to action! Our monthly mission adventures will continue and we hope to engage more consistent, ongoing community building. We also will hold a group that meets during the week to dig deep together, allowing us to grow as individuals and work toward God’s dream for all of creation.

We will kick-off our new dreams during a celebration on Sunday, September 29th from 5pm-8pm at the Groovecat Studio (217 W. Beverly). If you’ve been a part of our journey, have dreams for Staunton, have questions about Embark or simply love to celebrate, please join us at Embark: A Celebration!

More information can be found on our website, Embark Staunton. We look forward to dreaming with you and seeing what God has in store for this place!


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