Garden Update, Embark the Park, and this Sunday…

Hi friends!

Our garden is beginning to produce vegetables! We are still looking for families, individuals and organizations that could use our fresh veggies. If you know someone who could use a little extra food, please let us know.

Also, check out our upcoming event, Embark the Park! On August 24th we’ll be in Gypsy Hill Park, hosting some fun events for kids and helping them to give back to the community. They will be filling hygiene kits, which will be distributed to local schools to help families. We realize that there are places in the community that provide food to families, but there are not places that provide basic hygiene items. We believe that God dreams of a community where all have the resources to be healthy and happy!

Up until August 24th we will be collecting the following items: Toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, bars of soap and new socks. You can bring the items on Sundays at the house church, to the event, or contact us and we’ll come get the items from you!

Join us as we embark on a journey of fun and service!

This upcoming Sunday will be our last week talking about sexuality. Join in on the discussion as we ask the questions: When is sex spiritual? Can sex be holy?

Join us at 6:30 for dinner, discussion, communion and creative worship. As always, everyone is welcome to journey with us, and everyone means everyone, no matter what! Questions? Just shoot us a message in the box below.


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