This Sunday, we talk about Sexuality.

Hello friends, and happy Friday!

This Sunday, we engage an exciting new series on sexuality. Yup, we’re talking about sex.

Join us on Sunday as we ask some tough (but important!) questions:
-What is sexuality?
-Why is to so hard to talk about?
-How are God and sex linked?
-What are the connections between sexuality and spiritulity?

We will also look at some ideas expressed by Rob Bell in his book, Sex God. You don’t need to read the book to join the discussion, but it’s an interesting (and short!) read if you have the time.

In the introduction, Bell states:

Sex. God. They’re connected. And they can’t be separated. Where the one is, you will always find the other. This is a book about how sexuality is the “this” and spirituality is the “that.” To make sense of the one, we have the explore the other.

As Bell says, this is always about that.

You’re invited to explore with us on Sunday! We’ll begin at 6:30 with dinner, then enjoy discussion, communion, and creative worship. Everyone is welcome, and everyone means everyone, no matter what. No matter what you believe or what you doubt, you are invited to journey and wrestle in this space!

Questions? Contact us through the form below.


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