A Spreading the Love Story, and Study Tomorrow

On Sunday, we made cards of love and bagged some cookies and headed out to Gypsy Hill Park, where we spread the love and made some new friends!

Check out what Sara had to say about the experience:
“A group of us went out with cookies, candy and little notes for people. Just to connect and let folks know they were loved. We were coming to the end of our time and starting to meet back as a group. Amanda had one card and a couple pieces of candy left – she had approached two people who both made it very clear they didn’t want to accept or even speak. There was an elderly man who was walking along by himself – who just generally had a sadness about him. She went over to speak and learned that his kids hadn’t bothered to contact him for father’s day and he was feeling very low… and how much being acknowledged made his day. Had either of the others accepted the card it wouldn’t have been there for this man who truly needed it. The timing isn’t ours to decide, but we never know when/how much our love for someone will matter. Make it count.”




Also, our last study on the book of James is tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm at Coffee on the Corner. We will be discussing over-arching themes seen in James, i.e. Wealth and Poverty. Please join us! Everyone is welcome to join the discussion as we look at history, literary style, and social context. Questions? Just shoot us a message in the box below.


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