Spreading some love on Sunday!

We are psyched to spread some love on Sunday! We will be heading out to several places (downtown, the park, etc.) to give people cookies and cards of affirmation (i.e. Your Life Matters), and ask them about their dreams for Staunton.

Meet at the house at 3pm to make some cards and put cookies in bags. We will head out from there around 3:30/3:45 and after spreading the love, return at 5:00ish to have a cookout together!

Please join us in making connections and listening to the community! Everyone is welcome to help spread the love, and everyone means everyone, seriously.

To recap:
-Meet at 3pm on Sunday (let us know if you’re going to be late so we can tell you where we’ll be).
-If you can, bring some cookies or brownies to bag and share with new friends.
-It would be great if you could bring a side or some “fixins” for our cookout! We will have burgers and dogs, so if you’d like something else on the grill, bring it along.
-Invite your friends to spread the love!

Have questions or want to join us on Sunday? Just shoot us a message in the box below.

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