Sunday: A Look at Confession

Happy Friday, friends!

Hope to see you this Sunday as we finish up our series on Spiritual Practices. We will take a look at the practice of confession. What does it mean to confess? Should we do it? Is confession personal or community oriented? Why do we flinch at the idea of confessing our transgressions or screw-ups? Does God require our confessions? Can confession lead to healthy relationships? What is the history of confession in the Christian tradition? Join us at 6:30 on Sunday as we tackle some of these questions. We will have dinner, discussion, communion and creative worship.

Also on Sunday, we say goodbye to the wonderful Rachel, who has journeyed with us and will now be chasing her dreams (and God’s dream) in Germany!

Everyone is invited to journey with us on Sundays, and everyone means everyone, no matter what! No matter what you believe or what you doubt, your life matters and we want to hear your story. Questions or comments? Just fill out the form below.


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