Tonight’s Study and a Mission and Garden Update

Hello Friends!

We had a wonderful discussion and activity on Sunday as we learned about the difference between devotional study and analytical study. We discussed the reasons why study is important for us as we attempt to follow Jesus and live into God’s dream here in Staunton.


We took a quick look at the Epistle of James, and we will continue studying this book for the next four weeks. We will meet TONIGHT at 7pm at Coffee on the Corner! Please join us as we discuss the authorship and context of James, as well as discuss the first chapter. Whether you’ve studied the Bible closely or never looked at it before, we’d love your presence at this study. Whether or not you have journeyed with us on Sundays, you’re incredibly welcome to join us this evening. Also, I will bring some extra Bibles along, so no worries if you can’t bring one.

Hope to see you tonight at 7! Stay tuned for our meeting location for the next few weeks and feel free to fill out the contact box below with any questions you may have.

Now, here is a mission update! We have several mission events planned for this summer. On June 16th at 3pm we will be heading out to different neighborhoods in Staunton, hoping to make new friends, hear stories and clean up trash. On July 14th we will be serving dinner at the Valley Mission at 4pm. On August 24th we plan to have an event for kids in the park, which will include art and other fun activities. Please let us know if you have any other ideas or would like to help with these. We will continue to engage in mission through out the summer, realizing that mission is a way of life, not just an event to do once a month. Stay tuned for more information and other ways you can live into God’s dream here in Staunton!

Finally, a garden update… Our community garden is growing! Thanks to everyone who has helped to water the plot. If you are able to help with watering/weeding, please contact us. This upcoming Staurday is an all-garden work day, meaning that anyone in the Staunton community can come work on bigger garden projects, like planting some of the community beds, weeding, mulching etc. Please come out to the corner of Beverly and Madison on Saturday, anytime between 10am and 1pm, and join in on the fun!

I think that’s it for now, hope to see you tonight or Saturday! Peace.

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