Worship recap and a look at service…

Happy Friday!

This past Sunday we had an excellent discussion on worship and we realized that we worship many things (money, success, status, work, etc.) without really realizing it. We hope to live worshipful lives, where our actions, our time, our energy, our resources, our words and our whole being contribute to God’s dream of a mended world. Our whole lives, not just our words, should point to God’s goodness and love.

To express this idea, we participated in a group art activity. We each took a balloon filled with paint and covered it with the things we often worship even though we shouldn’t. Then, we taped the balloons to a canvas and took turns throwing darts at them. Together, we popped our balloons of misguided worship and created something beautiful in their place. We hope that this piece of art will represent our desire to be a community that lives into God’s dream, pushing each other out of our own comfort zones and closer to Jesus.

Here’s the canvas…



This upcoming Sunday, we continue our series on spiritual practices/disciplines with the topic of service. We hope to understand what it means to be a humble servant. Some questions will include:

-What is service and why should we do it?

-Is there a difference between doing service projects and living a life of service?

-Who should we be serving?

-How can we best serve?

-What did Jesus have to say about service?


Join us on Sunday at 6:30 for dinner, discussion, communion, worship and a time when we will attempt to serve one another. Questions? Want to join us on Sunday? Give us your info below and we’ll get you directions! Everyone is invited to journey with us, and everyone means everyone!

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