A series recap and a look ahead…

Happy Friday, friends!!

Last Sunday we finished up a seven part series on some really big topics. We tackled God, Religion, Jesus, Salvation, the Cross, the Bible and Church. Thanks for your in-depth, honest conversations!

Here are a few examples of art projects and lists we made together as a community…

This is a heart to help us remember we’re all woven together as we attempt to live into Jesus’ revolution of love.

A list of ways we can live in to the revolution of love!

This is a clock that asks us how we will use our time to live into salvation, realizing that salvation, abundant life, isn’t something that just happens after we die.

For this list we attempted to explain what salvation feels like.

It’s been an incredible journey thus far! On Sunday, we will begin a new series that examines spiritual practices. How are we formed as followers of Jesus? We will take a look at Prayer, Worship, Service, Study, Simplicity & Solitude, and Confession.

As we engage the topic of prayer this week, we will as questions such as:
-What is prayer? Is it asking God for things? Is it a response to God?
-Do we have to say certain words? Are words even necessary?
-Are there particular times we should pray?
-What about meditation?
-Does God answer prayer? And if so, how?
-What is fasting? Do we need to do that?
-Should we pray alone? In groups? Out loud? Silently?

Join us on Sunday at 6:30 for dinner, discussion, communion and creative worship! Questions? Email Brittany at britt.conley@gmail.com. Everyone is invited, and everyone means everyone, seriously.


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