Monday update: The Bible and What does Staunton need?

We had a wonderful, lively discussion yesterday as we asked: What’s so holy about the Bible? We talked about what it means to actually ingest and digest Scripture, consuming God’s story and finding those incredible places where our stories intersect with God’s all-encompassing narrative. Sitting in the tension of our questions, we realized that questions are good and the Bible has more to do with faithful imagination and less to do with a defined package of certitudes. To continue the conversation, check out this blog post by Tony Jones, How the Bible is God’s Word.

Have more Bible questions? Want to know what Bible to purchase or resources to help guide your study? Let’s sit down with a coffee or a beer and chat about it! Email me at and we’ll find a time to dialogue.

Stay tuned for more information about our community garden, which we will be planting and celebrating on May 19th.

Also, we have challenged each other to connect with the Staunton community this week, asking people two questions: What does Staunton need? What do you need? Let’s connect and make new friends as we dream together with God about ways to build a beautiful, healthy, vibrant community.

And let us join together today in prayers and solidarity with those in Boston. Lord, have mercy.


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