This Sunday: What’s so holy about the Bible?

This Sunday at the house church we will be asking the question: What’s so holy about the Bible?

Through out the Christian tradition, people have been debating the Bible. Those who follow Jesus and those who don’t, continue to argue about its meaning, about how to interpret it, about whether it’s actually God’s word, and about what it means for us today.

On Sunday we will attempt to gain some context surrounding the formation of our Bible, discuss some basic concepts of God’s narrative, and figure out how our own stories are interconnected with God’s over-arching story.

We will continue to collect an offering to cover the cost of our community garden plot and will discuss the next steps as we begin to sow our seeds!

We welcome everyone to join us on Sunday at 6:30 for dinner, discussion, communion and creative worship (and lots of laughter!). Seriously, everyone is welcome and everyone means everyone. Have questions or need to figure out how to get to the house church? Email Brittany at

Also, please email Brittany with any specific questions you have about the Bible and we will attempt to cover them on Sunday.

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