Sunday April 7th: The cross, the garden, and ending slavery.

Since we had snow two weeks ago and last week was Easter, we will be sticking with the topic of the cross this Sunday. Here are some questions to ponder for our discussion:
-When we think of the cross, what comes to mind?
-Do the different ways we present the cross say more about Jesus or more about us?
-And what actually happened when Jesus was on the cross, what did it mean and what does it mean for us now?

In terms of mission, we will continue to discuss how to contribute to our community garden plot; figuring out ways to eradicate local hunger through small, sustainable steps. The garden plot contributes to God’s dream of a healthy planet and a healthy community. We need to pay the $40 for our plot and have currently collected about $5, so please bring an offering with you on Sunday to contribute to the garden fund!

Also, we recognize Sunday as END IT Sunday, part of the END IT Movement, which focuses on ending modern-day slavery around the globe and here in the United States. Adults and children of all ages are forced into labor, sold into sex slavery, and held captive by oppressors. Please watch this short video about the END IT Movement and bring your questions and thoughts with you on Sunday.

See you Sunday evening at 6:30 for dinner, creative worship, discussion, communion and connection with God and each other. Have questions about the house church or want to know how to get here? Email Brittany at


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