This Sunday at the House Church, The Cross…

This Sunday we will talk about a symbol that has penetrated our culture in many ways, the cross. What are the ways we think about the cross? Do the different ways we present the cross say more about Jesus or more about us? And what actually happened when Jesus was on the cross, what did it mean and what does it mean for us now?

Join us on Sunday at 6:30 as we wrestle with these questions about the cross and connect with God in creative ways.

Also, please bring a few dollars to help us purchase a plot in the neighborhood garden, which we will work on together through out the season. We hope to connect with families who can help us garden and will benefit from local, nutritious food.

Stay tuned for more information about our Easter Celebration…Which will happen next Sunday and will include lots of food, fun, and celebrating life!

Questions? Email Brittany at


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