Monday discussion and mission update…

Happy Monday, friends!

We had a great discussion last night about salvation: What is it? How does it happen? What does it feel like? To continue the conversation, check out a post from one of my favorite authors/bloggers, Rachel Held Evans. It’s called, I Believe in Works-Based Salvation. What do you think about Rachel’s ideas on salvation?

In other (very exciting!) news, the house church community has decided to start a plot in the Newtown neighborhood community garden. We will be growing food together and plan to give it to families/organizations who really need it. For the next couple of Sundays, we will collect financial offerings to get us started in purchasing a plot, seeds and other materials that we need. So far, we have collected $4.25 and it costs $40 a year to have a plot. If everyone brings a couple of dollars next week, we should have enough for a plot!

Also, to help the garden succeed we could use the following items:

Perennial plants
5 gallon buckets
Garden stakes
Rain gauges
Empty egg cartons

You can bring those items with you to the first work-day, which will be mid-morning on April 6th. If you have questions about the house church or the community garden, email Brittany at

Stay tuned for information about this upcoming Sunday’s topic and details about our Easter Celebration (which will include lots of food and fun)!

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