This upcoming Sunday, Salvation!

First, an update from our discussion last week:

We brainstormed ways to live in to Jesus’ Revolution of Love, hoping to create tangible ideas for our community. Here are a couple of awesome ideas: Make something for someone else, Get rid of your things, Hear one person’s story every week, Offer encouragement all day long. We realized that we needed a way to share ideas through out the week and invite others to join us as we share love in tangible ways, so we create a Facebook group! The group is called Staunton Community Action and you can join it here…

Let’s dream and act together!

This upcoming Sunday we will be tackling the huge topic of Salvation. A lot of people equate salvation with afterlife, but what if it’s more than that? What if salvation begins to take place right here, right now? Do we simply have hope in what happens when we die, or are we willing to wake up to the possibility that the 25,550 days we have are actually the main course?

What do YOU think salvation means? Join us on Sunday to begin the discussion. If you have questions about the house church or would like to come on Sunday, email Brittany at

As I was pondering this topic, I heard a song on the radio one morning this week. It was Melissa Etheridge’s Heaven on Earth, and I heard it in a way I never had before. I’m aware that Melissa is not a theologian (or is she?), but I wonder what it would mean to hear this song in a different way, in a God sort of way …

When you are at the end of your rope
Come find me
Holding on to your last string of hope
Come find me
Open up your eyes
I’ll show you what you’re worth
Don’t you know it’s you and me
In this heaven on earth

You can take a listen:


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