Sunday March 3rd at the house church…

This Sunday we will tackle the topic of religion, as many people consider themselves spiritual but not religious. We will discuss questions such as:

What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual?
Is spirituality enough?
What are the benefits or drawbacks of aligning with a tradition or simply being spiritual?

It is easy to see the ways religion and specific traditions have been limiting, hurtful and even destructive. It’s also evident that spirituality can become very individualistic, without sustaining roots or a communal vision. Is there another way? Is there a way that we can grow and thrive and dream as individuals within a tradition that has sometimes gotten it wrong, and yet still be a part of something grander and more transcendent than our own desires and beliefs? Please join us on Sunday evening at 6:30 as we attempt to find this third way.

Email Brittany at if you’d like more information or have questions about the house church.

Also on Sunday, we will begin collecting our offering for New Directions Center, which is a non-profit community organization which provides crisis intervention, emergency housing, food, clothing and transportation to women, children and men impacted by emotional, physical and sexual violence in the Staunton, Waynesboro, Augusta County and Highland County areas.

We will be collecting money and the following items for the shelter: Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Trash Bags and Twin Sheets. The collection will take place this Sunday (3/3) and next Sunday (3/10), so please bring an offering with you as we attempt to be a missional community and live into God’s dream here in Staunton.

You can check out more about New Directions at


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