Current Three – 8/9/11

A mix of three things that I either love or really dislike.


1. Beer! (love)

Yes, after nearly 26 years of not liking beer, my taste buds finally changed their minds! It’s very exciting. I have tried about 35 different kinds of beer in the last month and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. I’ve taken pictures of each beer and hope to document the process.


2. Respectful Dialogue (love)

I’ve had several opportunities lately to engage in respectful, honest, open dialogue about difficult issues. It’s amazing to be in community with those who think that it’s important to wrestle with tough questions. We don’t need all the answers. We need communication and relationship driven by love.


3. The People of NYC (love) (dislike)

I spent the past few days in NYC and the diversity there was so beautiful. We work so hard to build fences and walls and separate ourselves from those who don’t seem worthy. It was refreshing to see so many different types of people functioning together in the same place. It was also heart-breaking to see so many faces full of fear, loneliness and sorrow. We close our eyes to the world around us. I wonder how many people actually look at those faces and see a human with a story and a heart and hopes and dreams. How many of us walk on by without noticing at all? I hope we can embrace diversity with a love that binds together. A love that says, “You are not alone.”

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