What makes you a Christian?

My friend Brent shared an article with our leadership team called Christians Need a Ramadan.  I enjoyed the article and was especially moved by the question, “What makes you a Christian?” I began to realize that my answer to this has changed quite a bit through out my faith journey and I asked myself how I would answer now. I think I would say that I rely on God everyday to help me come closer in my attempt to live as Jesus did.

That’s definitely a lot different than what I’ve been taught about being a Christian. Lately, I’ve found this topic quite interesting. I enjoy hearing differing viewpoints about personal relationships with God, salvation through good acts, sola fide (faith alone), and living by God’s rule book. So many opinions! And I think I can honestly say that I agree with different aspects of almost all of them. I realize that my theological perspective will continue to shift and mold along this journey.

I found this next article to be an interesting response to some of the things I’ve read lately about the necessity of having a personal relationship with God. 

What are your thoughts? Is a personal relationship necessary for salvation? Is this what makes us Christian?

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