Current Three – 7/8/11

Here are my Current Three….. a mix of three things that I either love or really dislike.


1. Eating Cereal Alllll the Time (love)

Okay, okay….. I know that I listed cereal as a love last week. But I stated that I loved eating cereal for breakfast and I obviously couldn’t stop at breakfast. I am thinking that this evening I will have cereal for dinner and I. Can’t. Wait. 


2. People Riding Elevators (dislike)

Elevators are nice when carrying heavy objects, but the majority of people in my building only use the elevators. Even if they are going up or down one floor, they skip out on the stairs. As a physical educator and a fan of physical activity, this really frustrates me. I get especially frustrated when I am trying to move out of my apartment, have heavy boxes in my arms, and have to wait forever for the elevator. America is lazy.


3. Instapaper (love)

Instapaper is an app that allows me to save any article that I read (or want to read) on the internet. I can put the articles into categories for easy reference.  Other apps, such as the Huffington Post reader, and my internet browser allow me to push a button that instantly saves the article to Instapaper. It’s magic! Lately, I use this app entirely too often and have a back-up of articles. Maybe I will be really bored at some point in my life and can catch up. Maybe.

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