OBL. Not going to cheer, not going to cry.

Tired of hearing about Osama bin Laden? The American media is pushing full throttle. I get a bit tired of it. But I also become enthralled with different viewpoints and ridiculous hysteria. 

Last night I felt bombarded with people spewing out American patriotism. Today I’ve felt almost guilted by my Christian friends who profess that we ought not find any joy in the death of OBL.

I’ve heard everything from, “Rot in hell, Bin Laden!” to, “God loves Osama bin Laden more than you’ll ever love anyone.”

So how I am supposed to feel? I do agree that God loves Osama bin Laden more than I could ever love anyone. But do I love Bin Laden? No.

There’s no way in my human heart that I can muster up any sort of love for him. I’m not sure whether or not I should feel bad about this. I honestly try each day to love others as Jesus did, but I just don’t want to figure out how to love someone who has had a large influence in the death and suffering of so many others.

Do I have the urge to run about the streets cheering and waving an American flag? No. Do I find a little hope in the fact that a lead figure in the web of terrorism is no longer in charge? Yes.

I am not excited in any way by the fact that one of God’s beloved is dead. Death sucks, no matter how you look at it. And I’m not all pumped up on American patriotism. It doesn’t matter to me that American forces killed him. But is this news better than all of the harrowing news about dead soldiers, massive earthquakes, devastating tornadoes and genocide? Absolutely.

Why? Because I can’t find much hope in any of those other news stories. And I do feel a bit uneasy about finding hope in the death of a man. But it is not his death that brings me hope. It’s hope that perhaps we are one step closer to preventing genocide through out the world.

Maybe this makes me less Christian and I should just find a spot in my heart to love Osama bin Laden. But I don’t want to. I’m not going to cheer, but I’m not going to cry either. I’m going to keep going and I’m going to try to find hope on the loose, no matter where I look.

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