In a flash like that, recognize…..

I’m back!! Kind of like T.I. and Lil Wayne…. except not really, because I wasn’t in prison on gun charges.  I was just really busy.  Doing legitimately gangster things like coaching and teaching and spending time at church.  Fly like a G6.


Here are some random thoughts…..

1. I HATE how girls/women hang out in public bathrooms.  Sometimes I just want to take a poop but I can’t because there are 7 teenage girls doing their make-up and talking about Justin Bieber’s new haircut.  I should just poop anyways.

2. I LOVE ESPN Films 30 for 30.  Great stories.

3. I am completely jealous of WIllow Smith.  She has sweet parents and she’s really good at painting on walls with her hair.

4. If you are going to have a Jesus sticker on your car, don’t suck at driving.  You can’t rep Jesus with shitty driving skills.

5. Why is Nicki Minaj stealing my identity?

6. I am completely overwhelmed by the love I receive everyday from so many beautiful people.

One thought on “In a flash like that, recognize…..

  1. okay— so I am slowly getting better at using Google Reader. In the meantime, be patient with my delayed responses (if any response happens at all).
    1. I miss you
    2. I love you
    3. (the point of this comment) I resent number four of your random thoughts. People can love Jesus and be bad drivers. I am here to stick up for those people.

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