Best Restaurants in Harrisonburg

I like Harrisonburg.  And I love to eat.  So it’s only natural to make a list of my Top Ten H’burg Restaurants.  My favorites change from time to time, but these are my favorites right now.


10. Pennybackers

Good sandwiches, but I love that they serve tots instead of chips or fries.

9. Artful Dodger

A recent favorite of mine.  Great appetizers and a cool place to hangout. 

8. L’Italia Pizza and Pasta

I don’t get there as often as I like since it’s close to campus and JMU housing, but I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve eaten there.  Good wine selection and wine specials.  I would love to try the brunch on Sundays.

7. Mrs. Hardesty’s Tea Room

Even though I’m usually the youngest person dining at the tea room, I love the quaint atmosphere.  The food is great and the dessert is spectacular!  I’m not usually a tea fan, but I’ve enjoyed every type I’ve tried.

6. Beyond

The entrees are good, but the tapas are the way to go.  A huge selection and everything is delicious.  A bit pricey, but it’s better now that they have drink and tapas specials during their “lush” hour.

5. Kline’s Dairy Bar

So maybe Kline’s doesn’t officially count as a restaurant, but this place is phenomenal.  I’ve never tried a flavor I didn’t like.

4. Dave’s Taverna

You can never go wrong with Dave’s.  I used to frequent the Taverna burger, but now I prefer the steak and cheese, veggie pita or chicken souvlaki.  Also love the spanakopita.

3. Ciro’s Lasagna House

I love steak and cheese, and they have the best.  Good pizza as well.

2. Union Station

New restaurant with great food, cool drink specials and a relaxing atmosphere.  Love the cajun nachos.

1. Dona Rosa

I have always loved El Charro, but I think the food is more authentic at Dona Rosa.  They have great lunch specials (very cheap) and it doesn’t get much better than a fishbowl margarita.


Honorable Mentions:

Taste of ThaiEl CharroMr. J’s Bagels, Cally’s, Clementine Cafe, Chop and Grill Bar, Jack Brown’s, The Galley



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