a collection of random thoughts

1.  Today, as I was driving to my parents’ house, I drove through a large contingent of children walking in the middle of the street.  They saw me coming and didn’t seem to have any concern about moving over so I didn’t maul them with my car.  There was an adult with them who I assumed to be someone’s father, and he didn’t seem worried either.  They were in the middle of the road on purpose, almost daring me to run over them!  As I drove by, they even got closer to my car!  And started shouting things like, “What’s good?”  

I was appalled.  And angry.  What made them think they just own the road like that?  I could have killed them.  Roads are for driving!

And even more importantly, why did this little event upset me so much that I held that anger with me for a good hour afterwards?


2.  Did anyone else notice that Rafael Nadal picked his wedgie after every point during the Wimbledon final?  You would think that he could afford a well-fitting pair of underpants.


3.  Real, authentic relationship is the only way to change the world.


4.  I asked to say grace at dinner this evening.  This is kind of new for me.  I’ve prayed before plenty of meals before, but it’s never been something that I do on a regular basis.  I always wondered I should pray before every meal.  Why not pray each time I brush my teeth?  Or before I put on shoes every morning?  Why not pray for each new person that I meet?  Why does it have to be for food?

Recently, I realized that my theory was ridiculous and flawed.  Yes, I should pray every I brush my teeth or put on shoes or meet someone new, but I should also pray before each meal. I should pray all the time.  I should live a life of constant communication with God.  Whether it’s casual conversation, dropping to my knees, group prayer or giving thanks before every meal.


5.  On Saturday morning, I had a short conversation with a potentially sketchy man who spoke with a very thick accent.  He struggled with his English but told me that I was shining.  I’m not sure if he was hitting on me or being genuinely kind, but I think it was one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received.


6.  Next time you have a conversation with someone, try your best to be an active listener.  Ask yourself if you are committed to really hearing (and caring about) what this person is telling you.  Report back to me with results.  Seriously, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on listening.


7.  This World Cup has been fascinating and quite difficult on my nerves.  I didn’t think it was possible for so many world class soccer stars to miss a penalty kick.

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