H’burg Outlaw.

So remember that time that Stephen was stoned by an angry mob because he was proclaiming the good news of Jesus?  That almost happened to me last week!  Well, okay, not quite.  But I was called into the principals office (yes, that can still happen when you are an adult) and told that I can’t use school email to spread the good news of Jesus.  Close enough to Stephen and the angry mob, right?
Last week I used my school email account to send my RISE support letter to everyone at my school.  I thought it was a pretty easy way to get the word out to lots of people who have shown me kindness in the past.  The next day, while checking my mailbox in the office, the principal told me that she needed to speak with me.  
Very kindly (not so much like an angry mob), she let me know that the school email system can’t be used to promote anything religious.  She even pointed out the rule in the HCPS Policy Manual.  Section 667-R states that staff email accounts cannot be used for  15. Promoting, supporting, or celebrating religion or religious institutions. 

No celebrating Jesus?!?!?!?! What?!?!

She told me that if they let Christians send out emails, then they would need to let Nazis send out emails too.  Which is scary because I think there are lots of Nazi teachers in Hburg just waiting for the right moment to band together and stone us in an angry mob.

I told her I didn’t know about the rule, but I didn’t exactly apologize.  I’m not sorry for breaking rule number 667-F.  And I’ve received lots of positive comments from teachers and other staff members at school. After telling me I broke a rule, the principal even thanked me for being involved in something so awesome for our community.  I’m totally a renegade for Jesus.
*For Stephen’s renegade story (which is a lot less funny, a lot more upsetting and definitely more inspirational than mine) check out Acts chapters 6 and 7


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