Jesus is a Liberal

I love Jesus and I think He was a liberal.  Did I just blow your mind?  Or piss you off?


I usually don’t get too involved in politics because I find it to be a cut-throat business where people walk all over each other to gain favor and status, but lately I’ve been intrigued by the 26th District House race.  I subscribe to and started receiving videos and articles about the candidates and the platforms.  Honestly, I overlooked many of them, but began to form interest when I read about the outrage of conservatives over Kai Degner’s decline to participate in a debate for the Valley Family Forum.


According to the VFF website, they are “a group of Valley residents who are committed to renewing the spiritual, moral, and cultural vision of our founding fathers. We are joining together to defend faith, family, and freedom in our homes and in our communities.”  They claim to be non-partisan, but have consistently supported Republican candidates.  Dean Welty, VFF director, has even made financial donations to Republican candidates.  If I were Kai Degner, I wouldn’t have wanted to attend that forum either.


Maybe I have misinterpreted the entire New Testament, but it seemed to me that Jesus was all about love and acceptance.  Jesus accepted the sinners—the prostitutes, the tax collectors, the liars—so why do so many Christians politically persecute immigrants and homosexuals?  I strongly support the DREAM Act and I believe that same-sex couples should have the same rights as everyone else.  I am a big fan of love, no matter what it looks like.


I agree with some Republican ideas, and some Democrat ideas, but I am absolutely fed-up with the idea that Christians must have conservative political views.  Christianity is a relationship, not a set of rules or laws.  Perhaps I’m just fed-up with politics in general. I’m running for President.

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