RISE Support Letter

Dearest Friends:

I am writing you because you have made an impact on my life by showing me love, kindness and support.  It is my hope and prayer that you will once again support me as I move forward in accomplishing my dreams and bringing hope and love to the city of Harrisonburg.

Within the past month, I have joined a team of young adults that is launching a new United Methodist Faith Community called RISE.  This community will be rooted in grace, love, passionate outreach and open-armed acceptance.  It is our hope to connect with the disconnected. 

We have big dreams for RISE.  In September, we are launching a new worship service that will be informal, passionate, authentic and probably a bit unconventional.  No matter what form our worship service takes, it will always be a place free from judgment and hypocrisy.  It will be a place for all of God’s children.

Some of our plans for mission include creating programs for disadvantaged youths, reaching out to the local homeless population, and helping families attain basic necessities.  Currently, we are raising financial support to transform the Wesley Foundation House into the new RISE Mission and Outreach Center.  It will be a place where people can come to get help or find out how to help others in the community.

Creating a new faith community is a challenge, and it’s definitely scary at times.  But we stand confident that with the support and prayer of our friends and family, we can make a difference in this community.  We firmly believe that God is directing us to assist and serve those who are broken, lost and empty.  By reaching out to disconnected young adults and the Harrisonburg community as a whole, we are hoping to be humble servants of Christ.

Please consider supporting us financially.  Every little bit can make a difference.  And I really mean every little bit- even a gift of $5 would be greatly appreciated! If you are unable to contribute money, please pray that RISE will be a community filled with love and grace, where those who are broken can find wholeness and truth in the good news of Jesus.

Check out our website at http://riseharrisonburg.com/

And donate at http://bit.ly/9wTbU6


Much love and many thanks,

Brittany Conley



The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

Galatians 5:6 

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