Stanford Athletics

Today, the Stanford Men’s Volleyball team won the NCAA volleyball championship by dominating Penn State in three sets. This is an impressive feat considering that a mere three years ago, the Cardinal finished in last place with a 3-25 record. Then assistant coach, Al Roderigues, told those freshman that they would eventually rise from worst to first. Coach Roderigues passed away last year, and the seniors took his encouragement to heart. They completed the ‘worst to first’ feat, capturing their second national title and their first since 1997.

Even more impressive is the current national title streak held by Stanford athletics. For the past 34 years, at least one Satnford athletic team has won a national title.

2009-2010 (1)- Men’s Volleyball
2008-2009 (2) -Men’s Gymnastics, Women’s Rowing
2007-2008 (2) -Women’s Cross Country, Synchro Swimming
2006-2007 (3) -Women’s Cross Country, Men’s Golf, Synchro Swimming
2005-2006 (3) -Women’s Cross Country, Synchronized Swimming, Women’s Tennis
2004-2005 (3) -Women’s Volleyball, Synchronized Swimming, Women’s Tennis
2003-2004 (3) -Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Tennis
2002-2003 (2) -Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Water Polo
2001-2002 (4) -Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Water Polo, Women’s Water Polo, Women’s Tennis
2000-2001 (1) -Women’s Tennis
1999-2000 (2) -Men’s Tennis, Men’s Track & Field
1998-1999 (2) -Women’s Tennis, Synchronized Swimming
1997-1998 (6) -Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Swimming, Men’s Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Men’s Tennis
1996-1997 (7) -Men’s Cross Country, Women’s Cross Country, Co-ed Sailing (ICYRA), Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball
1995-1996 (2) -Women’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis
1994-1995 (5) -Men’s Gymnastics, Women’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s Water Polo
1993-1994 (4) -Men’s Golf, Men’s Swimming, Women’s Swimming, Men’s Water Polo
1992-1993 (4) -Men’s Gymnastics, Men’s Swimming, Women’s Swimming, Women’s Volleyball
1991-1992 (5) -Women’s Basketball, Men’s Gymnastics, Men’s Swimming, Women’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis
1990-1991 (1) -Women’s Tennis
1989-1990 (3) -Women’s Basketball, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Tennis
1988-1989 (3) -Women’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis
1987-1988 (3) -Baseball, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis
1986-1987 (4) -Baseball, Men’s Swimming, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Water Polo
1985-1986 (4) -Men’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Water Polo
1984-1985 (1) -Men’s Swimming
1983-1984 (1) -Women’s Tennis
1982-1983 (2) -Women’s Swimming, Men’s Tennis
1981-1982 (2) -Women’s Tennis, Men’s Water Polo
1980-1981 (2) -Men’s Tennis, Men’s Water Polo
1979-1980 (2) -Women’s Swimming (AIAW), Men’s Tennis
1978-1979 (1) -Men’s Water Polo
1977-1978 (2) -Men’s Tennis, Women’s Tennis (AIAW)
1976-1977 (2) -Men’s Tennis, Men’s Water Polo

In total they have won 110 national championships and 97 NCAA national championships, second most amongst all universities. Also, 409 Stanford athletes have won individual national championships, which ranks first among universities.

For 15 consecutive years, Stanford has won the NACDA Director’s Cup for Division I, awarded annually to the college or university with the most success in collegiate athletics.

Pretty impressive, right?

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