A Complex Jesus

I am intrigued and overwhelmed by the notion that Jesus was both wholly human and wholly God.  While I do not doubt the factuality of Jesus’ dual existence, I have a very difficult time understanding how two beings so uniquely opposite could thrive together as one.

I suppose to think of humans and God as opposites is faulty, considering we were made in His image and are capable of of possessing divine traits such as love, grace and forgiveness.  The concept that baffles me is that a perfect and sinless God was coupled with a sinful and imperfect human body, human mind and human spirit.

What could that have been like for Jesus?  Did His Holiness simply overpower his human tendencies?  Did He ever struggle to stick with his Godly instincts instead of His human ones?  I am often curious about what His life was like outside of the events documented in the Bible.  I’m sure I will never fully comprehend the awesome complexity that was and still is Jesus.  My human brain just can’t figure this one out……

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